Our feet deserve a a loving massage occasionally but unfortunately it is the most neglected part of the body. It is said that Foot massage works in the same manner as acupuncture. Each area of the foot corresponds with another area of the body and by massaging each part of the foot, you may be working on your liver, kidney, colon, stomach, etc. Thus, if you experience constipation, a massage through your feet can help in your bowel movement problems.

It is also said that reflexology can get rid of toxins, help your circulation, improve body functions and even improve memory. A professional foot reflexology can even diagnose the health problems that you are facing just by massaging your feet.

Requirements: A comfortable place to keep your foot on, creams, oils, essential oils that are used for massages and your favorite soft mood music or even a meditation CD.

Clean and dry including between the toes. You can if you want to soak them in a foot bath with Epsom salts. This foot bath will de-stress you so that you feel even more relaxed.

1. Make sure your partner is warm and comfortable. At this point, pour a tad bit of your picked oil into the palm of one hand. Rub your hands together to equally disseminate the oil. Presently you are prepared to start.

2. Next rub your massage oil onto your foot.

3. Holding your foot that is in your lap gently in one hand to support it, with the other hand start to massage the top part of your foot. Use your thumbs for this massage. Use slow, firm stroking motions that start at the toes and move upward towards the ankles. Once you come to the ankles following the same path massage your way down to your toes. The pressure of the massage must be lighter than at the ankle. Repeat this foot massage 5 times.

4. Next gently hold the heel of your foot in a cupping motion. With your other hand hold the top of the foot and gently rotate the foot first clockwise and after anticlockwise. Do this 3 to 4 times to relax, calm and de-stress the foot, ankle joints and your senses. Do this foot massage gently so that you don’t hurt yourself.

5. Now still holding your foot in one hand, with the other handFree Web Content, massage the sole of your foot with the thumb. Begin at the base of your big toe and slowly move towards the other toes. Use gentle rolling motions to give the ball of your foot a relaxing foot massage.

6. You can then knead your foot. Here you will use your thumb or the finger tips to give the massage. Knead the sole of the foot in a back and forth motion. With your knuckles "Knead" the second joints of your foot. Use large pressing and rotating motions but be gentle.

7. When you will have finished your foot massage not only will your feet feel good but you will have calmed down and your day’s stresses will have vanished as well. Instant bliss.